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Improve Crop YieldsEach of our products have been developed through many years of research and have a specific purpose. The combined effect when they are used as "prescribed", together with a recommended fertility program, ensures optimum field results. The timeframe to address some of the soil limiting factors is dependent upon the severity of the problem and growing conditions.

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Field Proven Procedure for All Farms


  1. Every farm is different. Therefore, personal consultation and fact finding is required to establish a starting point.

  2. Recognizing and identifying soil and other issues. This starts with comprehensive soil analysis, field probing and reviewing inputs vs. yields to evaluate soil condition and crop response. It is important to know:

    1. Chemistry - what is in your soil? (pH, nutrients macro and micro)
    2. Physical - what is the texture of your soil like? (Hardpan, compaction, poor drainage)
    3. Biology - soil health (Digestion of crop residue, disease issues, crop vigour)
    4. Cultural Practice (Crop rotation, direct seeding, tillage)

  3. Developing an appropriate input program by taking into account all required inputs, equipment, application and procedures to optimize overall performance, efficiency of inputs, convenience and time.  

    Note: Making informed decisions by knowing why, what, how and what to expect enables the producer to better manage his farms.

  4. Follow up including field inspections through the growing season, soil probing and after harvest soil analysis and yield data.

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The BioAgronics program will reduce the risk in crop production, improve economics and provide a brighter future for the farm. Contact us to learn more.

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