Stim-Gro Liquid Seed Coating

For even germination, emergence and better root development

Stim-Gro seed coating is a ““Rhizosphere Metabolizer”” and ““Bio-Stimulant”” for the enhancement of seed performance. In the Rhizosphere there are many beneficial organisms, such as Mycorrhizal fungi, that act as an extension to the roots.  Stim-Gro aides in stimulating  these organisms.

Stim-Gro liquid is an enzymatic complex produced through a controlled fermentation process containing natural enzymes, organic acids, complex sugars and other compounds known for their beneficial effects on germination, root development and physiology effects at all stages of plant growth.

Stim-Gro is safe and easy to use on all seeds, including chemically treated seeds. It helps to minimize the effects of poor seed quality, problem soils, and less than ideal growing conditions.

Safe and Easy to Use

A field proven performer for four decades. Canadian producers have been using Stim-Gro for years to produce:

  • Even germination and emergence under stress conditions
  • •More early vigor and improved stress resistance
  • •Larger, denser root mass
  • •Improved nodulation on pulse crops
  • •Improved growth in saline effected soil
  • •Improved drought resistance
  • •Improved tolerance to excess moisture
  • •Better head, flowering and pod development

Stim-Gro is available in a dry formulation.
Stim-Gro meets standards for crops ““certified organic””. 

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