Probalite - Hay Saver

Non Corrosive Hay Preservative for Baling High Moisture Hay and Quality Feed


Probalite is a 100% organic product,  produced  through a natural fermentation process for the treatment of high moisture hay during baling and for the treatment of all feeds during winter feeding.

Probalite is produced from high quality food and feed grade ingredients.  It contains lacto-fermented solubles.  During the fermentation process lactic acid and beneficial compounds are produced.  Lactic acid is well recognized in the industry for its preservation effects.

The naturally occurring organisms used in the fermentation process are recognized by the scientific community as being beneficial for both human and livestock health.

During the fermentation process natural enzymes are produced which promote a healthy digestive tract.  This aids the digestion process and improves the bio- availability of the nutrients in the feed.


• Probalite enables the producer to put up hay at a higher moisture content and prevent spoilage.  
• Probalite will also aid in the conversion of feed and help maintain herd health.
• Probalite will make poor quality feeds more palatable
• Non Corrosive
• Safe and easy to use


“Protect Your Feed - Protect Your Herd”