Electro - Dyne

Soil Treatment for compaction, salinity aide and surfactant

Soil problems cost money

Does your soil have:
  • •Salinity
  • •Hard pan
  • •Soil compaction
  • •Puddling - poor water infiltration
  • •Poor Aeration - Lack of oxygen
  • •Shallow rooting
  • •Poor fertilizer response

Improved air and water movement in your soil


Electro-Dyne improves soil structure to decrease compaction. Salinity can be combatted without the high cost of tile drainge by improving the soils ability to absorb water.

Electro-Dyne works by changing the surface tension of the hydroscopic bound water in the soil that causes poor water infiltration, low overall water capacity, reduced soil aeration and high shear strength.

Electro-Dyne penetrates deep within the soil profile to reduce bonding so that excess water can drain into subsoil. Electro-Dyne opens up the soil for leaching of surface salts from the root zone.

Because Electro-Dyne penetrates three to four feet to alter your soil structure, it is an economical, effective and long lasting treatment.

Improve soil drainage and aeration

Electro-Dyne improves your soil structure by reducing compaction, breaking up hard pan, and improving water infiltration and drainage. Your soil is more porous, its aeration is improved and it absorbs and retains water.

The result is a healthier environment for plant growth, which means healthier, stronger and more productive crops.

Easy and flexible to use

Spray on soil before seeding, apply with spring or fall burn-off, can be tank mixed with liquid fertilizer in row or broadcast, or applied after harvest.

Low cost burn-off

Add Electro-Dyne to your tank mix. Due to the unique ability of Electro-Dyne to help translocate applied chemicals within the plant, it is especially effective with glyphosates. This provides effective performance with reduced inputs.

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