Dyna–Gro Foliar Spray

Foliar Program Nutrient Management and Crop Rescue

What is foliar feeding?

Natural foliar feeding occurs when rain falls on a crop. The plants absorb water and nutrients through the foliage to promote growth and a healthy appearance.

Dyna-Gro foliar feeding works the same way. You apply it by spraying on your crops. It is an effective way of applying nutrients and chemicals. It gives you more control over crop production and the factors that cause crop stress and reduce yield.

Dyna-Gro delivers essential nutrients and stimulants to your crops through the foliage to:

  • •improve crop vigor
  • •reduce crop stress
  • •improve crop quality
  • •promote growth

Dyna-Gro helps alleviate effects of:

  • •heat and drought
  • •frost
  • •excessive moisture
  • •poor growing conditions
  • •low fertility soil
  • •chemical stress
  • •disease
  • •hail damage

Dyna-Gro is safe and easy to use. It is a liquid formulation of high grade plant nutrients with organic complexes known to have beneficial effects on plant growth and chemical performance.

Dyna-Gro nutrients and other ingredients are completely water soluble, so they are readily absorbed into the plant when it is mixed with water and sprayed on the foliage.

Dyna-Gro has a three decade track record. Clients consistently report:

  • •Improved yields
  • •Crops tolerate and recover more quickly from stressed conditions
  • •Healthier crops - less disease
  • •Effective weed control with adjusted herbicide rates

Add Dyna-Gro to your tank mix

It helps make weed control more reliable and effective. And it eliminates an additional spraying application, which saves you time and money.

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