Direct Soil Application or Adjunct for Fertilizer

Soil Smart Solutions For Improved Soil Fertility and Productivity

Bio-X is a bio-stimulant and digester for restoring and improving the natural fertility of soils.

Bio-X is a 100% natural organic product that has no synthetic derivatives. Bio-X is an enzymatic complex produced through a controlled fermentation process. Bio-X contains natural enzymes, organic acids, growth factors, complex sugars, and compounds known for their chelating and other beneficial effects on fertilizers, soil nutrients and soil bio-activity.

Bio-X from BioAgronics has been restoring and improving soil
fertility on Canadian farms since 1979. Both large scale commercial farms and ““certified organic”” farms have experienced:

  • Improved production from salinity or marginal land
  • Improved crop production under drought and other stress conditions
  • Improved soil tilth, structure and moisture retention
  • Soils - Crops more disease resistant
  • High quality production
  • Reduced risk in crop production

Increased moisture holding capacity

Bio-X improves soil tilth and structure by digesting thatch, stubble, fiber and other organic residue in the soil. It balances soil metabolism and produces stable humus to increase the soil’’s air and moisture holding capacity, which is significant in low organic matter soils or during drought periods. Bio-X stimulates the production of phytamins in the soil, an important part of the soil solution that controls plant growth and vigor. Phytamins have an effect similar to hormones and vitamins in humans and animals. They are produced by the soil life and cannot be replaced with synthetic chemicals. *Ref. Academy of Science of the U.S.S.R. - Moscow

Increased nutrient availability

Bio-X stimulates the bio-activity in the soil. It is this bioactivity that digests and recycles the organic residue in the soil. But most important this activity makes nutrients that are locked up in the soil complex available for plant use. The bio-activity in the soil plays a very significant role in nutrient availability and fertilizer efficiency. Through improved nutrient availability, crop production can be maintained and improved with lower rates of fertilizer. This is the basic fundamental principle of soilimprovement and sustainability.

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