Soil Salinity

The primary effect of high salt content in soils is that it will deprive your plants of water.  Salt in the soil solution forces plants to exert more effort in absorbing water and to exclude the excess ions of salt from metabolically active sites. The saltier the soil, the wetter it must be kept to dilute the salt.  Salts affect plant growth because of the osmostic effect. High salt concentrations makes it more difficult for plant roots to extract water from the soil.

Understand the damage increase salinity can have on your crop yield:

Effects of Salt on Plant Growth

The Nature of Management of Salt-Affected Land in Saskatchewan from the Saskatchewan Agriculture Soils and Crops Branch, read excerpt.

Salty Soils and Planth Growth

Soils An Introduction to Soils and Plant Growth 6th Ed., Miller & Donahue, read excerpt HERE.

Description and Effects of Salt-Affected Soils

Management of Saline Soils, Sommerfeldt & Rapp, read excerpt HERE.


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