Residual Chemical Effects

Glyphosate is a strong, broad-spectrum nutrient chelator that inhibits plant enzymes responsible for disease resistance so that plants succumb from pathogenic attack.  Some facts about glyphosate and the influence it has on plant nutrition and disease:

  • It is a strong metal chelator (for Ca,Co,Cu,Fe,Mn,Mg,Ni,Zn) - in the spray tank, soil and plant
  • Rapid absorption by roots, stems, and leaves and systemic movement throughout the plant (normal and RR)
  • Accumulates in meristematic tissues (root, shoot, and reproductive) of normal and RR plants
  • Inhibits EPSPS in the Shikimate metabolic pathway and many other plant essential enzymes
  • Increases susceptibility to draught and disease
  • and many more...

Read more about Residual Chemical Effects:
AG Chemical and Crop Nutrient Interactions, Don M. Huber, Emeritus Professor, Purdue University, read excerpt HERE.

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