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Contributions to Sustainable Agriculture

We recently had the opportunity to attend the World Congress on the use of biostimulants in agriculture in Italy. As part of The European Biostimulants Industry Council (EBIC) literature they presented an excellent roundup on five contributions this sector makes to sustainable agriculture.

  1. More quality and yields
    Feeding a growing population requires yield increases and enhanced crop quality. Both are fostered by biostimulants.
  2. Boosting crop resilience
    Stressful growing conditions related to climate change require resilient crops. Biostimulants increase plant tolerance to, and recovery from, abiotic stresses.
  3. Reducing nutrient losses
    By facilitating nutrient assimilation, translocation and use, biostimulants help keep nutrients from leaching into neighbouring ecosystems.
  4. Helping the food chain
    Biostimulants can enhance the quality of produce, which improves farmer incomes, storage longevity and nutritional values of food
  5. Better Water Conservation
    Biostimulants help nurture soil micro organisms and increase root growth, which improves water retention and resistance to erosion and drought.