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Look Up Occasionally

When’s the last time you looked up from the task at hand?

I ask this question because farmers have a lot of small details to manage every day, from getting a hired hand organized to deciding if this is the day for optimal fungicide application timing, and everything in between.

There are very few other industries where business owners work as long and tirelessly, over a very short production season. And of course even after the actual work of growing the crop is done, there’s still plenty of issues to manage like successfully marketing that crop.

I’m sure at times it can feel like a treadmill, where all you get to do is run constantly in an effort to stay in the same place. That’s not only an exhausting reality, it can also be harmful for your agronomic management of your operation. Continue reading

Crop Production Planning

Old-time farmers knew things “in their bones”, and relied on some dubious information, in the absence of today’s scientific data when planning for their growing season.

In order to remain competitive, and to make sure that this year’s growing season produces maximum yield without compromising future yields by unduly stressing your soil, you need strong science.  For 30 years, BioAgronics have been helping prairie farmers manage their crop planning, and have developed industry-leading solutions to the problems farmers face every year. Continue reading