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Information Overload

It seems like every time you turn around, there’s another soil issue or fertility question you need to be aware of.

It might be salinity, or fertility or how a certain crop reacts to any number of other variables. You’ll find these discussions popping up in farm newspapers, magazines, extension reports and even blog postings like this one.

It’s just too much, and more importantly, in my opinion, they’re all just a broad brush that look at individual issues, taken out of the context of a larger biological system that needs to be nourished and protected.

For example a recent article in a farm newspaper took a long look at whether or not soybeans need phosphorous fertilizer. It’s a fair question and the writer spent a lot of time talking to a whole lot of smart people about this question. In the end the answer appeared to be ‘yes, but it won’t respond to it.’ Continue reading