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Crop checking: what you may not be seeing

For the past 30 years I have been working with farmers who are trying to improve their production and profit by using different seeding equipment, new seed varieties, and different fertilizer and soil improvement programs. We have found that some farmers who try something different or using something new on their fields do not take the time or effort to properly evaluate the results. For most farmers everything is always relative to something they think is a standard. For some a quick drive by visual observation is all that is done and for some their only point of reference to production performance is coffee shop talk.

In reality there are some things a farmer can see and many which he cannot. For example, what can a farmer see?

The typical farmer plants his crop when he feels it’s right. He may be guided by the weather, the trees coming into leaf, the neighbors, or the weeds. He can then watch for emergence or check for germination in the field. He can also see rainfall, weed growth, stooling and some other obvious things relating to physical growth. If he sprays he can check for weed kill, or visual crop damage. He can visually see the colour changes as the crop matures,etc. An experienced eye can see the more obvious visual effects of disease, insect infestation, salinity, drought, excess water, etc. all of which limits crop production. Continue reading