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Good soil is a smart investment

To most people, it’s just dirt.

But to a hard-working prairie farmer, the soil under your feet represents the future of your farm.  Good soil means good crops, which is security for your farm.  Generations of food producers have spent their whole lives working to figure out the secrets of soil management – which crops to grow, when to grow them and when to stop, what equipment to use and what additives will help to improve the ability of the land to improve yields.

Today’s farmers have an advantage. The science of Agronomics is the study of soil management and the production of field crops, and it’s been the focus of our work here at BioAgronics since 1979.  We provide consultation service to farmers regarding the conditions specific to their soil and situation, and manufacture specialized soil and crop products designed to maximize the health and productivity of your farm’s most valuable asset – your soil. Continue reading