Good soil is a smart investment

To most people, it’s just dirt.

But to a hard-working prairie farmer, the soil under your feet represents the future of your farm.  Good soil means good crops, which is security for your farm.  Generations of food producers have spent their whole lives working to figure out the secrets of soil management – which crops to grow, when to grow them and when to stop, what equipment to use and what additives will help to improve the ability of the land to improve yields.

Today’s farmers have an advantage. The science of Agronomics is the study of soil management and the production of field crops, and it’s been the focus of our work here at BioAgronics since 1979.  We provide consultation service to farmers regarding the conditions specific to their soil and situation, and manufacture specialized soil and crop products designed to maximize the health and productivity of your farm’s most valuable asset – your soil.

BioAgronics has an arsenal of products and services that are used to correct problems that reduce crop yield, such as low oxygen, salinity, compaction, hard pan, nutritional deficiencies and other crop stresses.

Even if your crop yield is satisfactory today, BioAgronics can analyze your soil and assist you in ensuring that the quality of your soil, and the corresponding ability to bring your crops to market, is preserved for years to come.

As a farmer, your soil is your most important investment.  To care for that investment, look to the expert help and proven products from BioAgronics.  We serve commercial and organic farms with any type of soils and conditions.

To put the most experienced soil smart company on the prairies to work for you, ensuring that your soil remains healthy and fertile in both the short and long term, contact BioAgronics today!