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Big Bushels

Are bushels really king?

That might seem like a provocative question, but increasingly I hear my farm customers expressing some variation on the same sentiment. What these farmers are concluding – correctly in my opinion – is that maximizing production at all costs isn’t always the best strategy for a farm.

For a farm, cost effective bushels are really what’s most important. By raising the most cost-effective bushel of wheat, canola or soybeans, these farmers know they’re making their farm more economically sustainable, and at the same time they’re finding that when they make these choices in their farm management, they’re finding other benefits.

Their crops are more resilient to less-than-ideal conditions and produce better than the neighbours’. They may find they get equal or better production from a more cost-effective nutrient package, that overall weed pressure is lower and that soil-related issues like salinity occur less often. It even pays some nice environmental benefits like less nutrient runoff. Continue reading