About BioAgronics

About BioAgronicsA Soil Smart Solution

BioAgronics manufacturers soil and crop products to improve the fertility of soils and the growth cycles of the plant. These products aid the natural processes in the soil and plants and provide strength to resist external threats of abiotic and biotic stresses.  

This technology we obtained was first started in the 1930's by microbiologists in Europe and has continued to grow with the collaboration of many life’s work in the field of bio-stimulants.

BioAgronics started in 1979 on Saskatchewan soils and have developed soil smart solutions through continuous scientific research, 10 years of oil field land reclamation and through on farm research in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.

We have been able to bridge the gap of science to the field with experience and performance on how to use these products in your commercial farming operation. By working closely together with producers, we can implement an input program to get the best results and to improve return on investment year after year with sustainability.

Stewards of the Land

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